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Special Products

To customize special products go to “Ready! Ecommerce”–> “options”. Then chooseР’В  “Special Products” Click “Add” Where 1 – it is a label; 2 – gere you can select a discount for the product; 3 – here you can choose to add discount Р’В or increase the price. 4 – here choose for what goods discount is […]


First of all you need to set up gifts. Go to “Ready! Ecommerceӈ “options”. Then chooseР’В  “Gifts” Click “Add” For example you can fill in the fields as shown in the picturesР’В  Where 1 – it is a label of your gift 2 – it is your description 3 – here you can choose your […]

Currency setting

Go to “Ready!Ecommerceӈ “Options”. Next, select the item “Currency”. At the bottom select button “Add”. Then you should see this screen: Where: 1 – there should be id; 2 – there should be code (for example USD, EUR, GBP); 3 – there should be code (for example US Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling) 4 – there […]

Additional product parameters. Like Size, Colors, etc.

Product FieldsР’В is used when you want to add a variations to your product. For now you can add option from Options page or from Product Edit page. Р’В For this in admin panel choose “Ready!Ecommerce” –> “Options”. Next you must select submenuР’В  “Products Fields”. Here we can add parameters. Example: How add size for our product? […]

Privacy Policy and Refund Policy

Privacy Policy This policy covers how we use your personal information. We take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information. Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone. Refund Policy If you are not 100% […]

Ecommerce Plugin Main Options

General General options set some main options for your online store. After all menu item, you can see such icon, if you set your mouse cursor over the icon. Currencies Code – Currency code. Example: USD Label – Currency name. Example: US Dollars Value – Exchange rate for currency, if it is not default. For […]

Get Started

Здесь РјС‹ попытались коротко описать Р С‘ представить видео туториалы, Р С• том как Р С‘ что управляется Р Р† нашем плагине Ready! Ecommerce plugin First Start How to install and setup e-commerce plugin. Main options description. Main options info Add products / Category Adding products to the online store. You can customize and create different products options. Adding […]