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Ecommerce Plugin Main Options


General options set some main options for your online store. After all menu item, you can see such iconHint Icon, if you set your mouse cursor over the icon.


Code – Currency code. Example: USD
Label – Currency name. Example: US Dollars
Value – Exchange rate for currency, if it is not default. For default “value” = 1
Symbol – Currency Symbol. Example: $
Default – Check this if that currency is default
Currency view – View of the currency on your store
Price veiw – View of the store prices

After you add all filed, click “Save” button. And your currency appear in the list


With Taxes option you can create many taxes roles for you online store. It’ easy and powerfull tool. But if you can’t createtax you need or you have some question, feel free to ask.

Wordpress Ecommers Taxes

Tax name
Tax rate -Р’В  By default this is procent, but you can check “Absolute” checkbox. Then tax value will be absolute
Country you would like to apply tax -Р’В  If you wish to apply it always, check “Apply to all countries” checkbox
Category to apply – select category for applying this taxes.
You can apply tax – by registration address, shipping or billing
Apply tax to shipping cost – Yes / No


In this section you can check all payments gate you have in the ecommerce plugin

Pay on Delivery
All orders store in database, you can manually edit them, change their status.

PayPal Standart
Standart PayPal payment module. Allow you to accept payment, your customers don’t need a PayPal account.
All you need is to setup your PayPal email to begin accept money.

PayPal Pro
Advanced PayPal gateway
You need to setup your
. Username
. Password
. Signature
. Transaction Type

2Checkout comming soon
Important! If you need some other payment gates, email us! We’ll try to apply it.


We have two shiping options. Flat Rate and Table Rate Shipping.
You can combine this options.

Flat Rate Shipping
This is standart shipping options. With Flat Rate you can edit:
Country list you would like shipping to
Setup Shiping Fee
Setup Shipping Fees discount
If order price is more then 100$, shipping fee will decrease on 14$
If order price is more then 300$, shipping is free

Table rate shipping
Allow you to create different shippings fees, depends of the products weight.
For example:
. For the weight 0.1 kg and less shipping fees will be 14$
. For the weight 0.25 kg and less shipping fees will be 20$
. For the weight 0.45 kg and less shipping fees will be 35$