WordPress Plugins and Themes


Main Options

Options / General

Main options of your WordPress online store

Store Name – Enter name of the store
Store Email – Email where will be sending all notifications and alerts. From this is email messages will be sending to the customers
Shipping is Mandatory on checkout – Check this if you need shipping options on your checkout page
Payment is Mandatory on checkout – Check this if you need payment options on checkout page
Store Country – Choose you store country
Check products stock – Check if you have enough product quantity
Allow buy product if it is out-of-stock – If you want your customers to order products, when they out of stock, check this check box
Subs tract quantity from product after checkout
Allow unregistered users to checkout
Generate SKU automatically – When you add product, SKU will be generated automatically. But you can change already created SKU.

Options / Currency

Setup online store currencies. More info

Code – Currency code. Example: USD
Label – Currency name. Example: US Dollars
Value – Exchange rate for currency, if it is not default. For default “value” = 1
Symbol – Currency Symbol. Example: $
Default – Check this if that currency is default
Currency view – View of the currency on your store
Price view – View of the store prices

Options / Taxes

With Taxes option you can create many taxes roles for you online store. It’ easy and powerful tool. But if you can’t create tax you need or you have some question, feel free to ask.

Tax name
Tax rate
By default this is procent, but you can check “Absolute” check box. Then all values will be absolute
Country you would like to apply your tax
If you wish to apply it always, check “Apply to all countries” check box
Category to apply, select category for applying this taxes
You can apply tax by registration address, shipping or billing
Apply tax to shipping cost Yes / No

Options / Payment Gates and Billings

In this section you can check all payments gate you have in the ecommerce plugin

Pay on Delivery
All orders store in database, you can manually edit them, change their status.

PayPal Standart
Standart PayPal payment module. Allow you to accept payment, your customers don’t need a PayPal account.
All you need is to setup your PayPal email to begin accept money.

PayPal Pro
Advanced PayPal gateway
You need to setup your
. Username
. Password
. Signature
. Transaction Type

Important! If you need some other payment gates, email us! We’ll try to apply it.

Options / Shipping

We have two shipping options. Flat Rate and Table Rate Shipping.
You can combine this options, create as many shipping type as you need. If you need more shipping option or have any advise, please email us. We’ll improve it for free.

Flat Rate Shipping

Flat rate Shipping
This is standart shipping option.
. Edit country list you would like shipping to
. Setup Shipping Fee
. Setup Shipping Fees discount

If order price is more then 100$, shipping fee will decrease on 14$

If order price is more then 300$, shipping is free.

Table rate shipping
Table rate Shipping
Allow you create different shippings fees, depends of the ordered products weight

. For the weight 0.1 kg and less shipping fees will be 15$
. For the weight 0.25 kg and less shipping fees will be 25$
. For the weight 0.45 kg and less shipping fees will be 30$