WordPress Plugins and Themes


Displaying Products

* The easiest way – with standart WordPress features
– Create category for your products. For example “T-shirts”
– Create products and assign them to the category
– Create menu item from that “T-shirt” category
VoilГ ! All added products display in the menu item.

* Use the shortcode method
Insert Product
[product id="615" show="sku" theme="standart"]
id – product ID
show – parameter list you want to show for your product.
You can use: ‘image’, ‘images’, ‘title’, ‘price’, ‘sku’, ‘short_description’, ‘full_description’, ‘properties’, ‘add_to_cart’
theme – theme code

Insert Category
[category alias="CATEGORY_ALIAS"]
CATEGORY_ALIAS – category alias: some-products-category-name
shownum – number of the products to be shown

* Using widgets

* Using Free WordPress Ecommerce Themes