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Ready! Backup WordPress plugin features a whole batch of backups, including but not limited to Files and Database backup, Email backup notifications, WordPress restoration via backup, etc. Also, it is possible to use this plugin to backup any WordPress-based website to the FTP, Dropbox, Local Computer, etc. This extensive backup and user friendly layout have […]

In order to create a WordPress backup on Dropbox, you must first register at DropBox and log in. Then open the Dropbox tab in the Ready! WordPress Backup plugin and press Authenticate. After registering, you will be redirected to the main menu, where you should tick the Dropbox option and press the Save button. Then […]

To start backup process on One Drive, you should first open the OneDrive tab and press Authenticate. Then enter your account information or select an existing account (providing you have created one on https://onedrive.live.com/ ) After you log in, you will be redirected to the main menu, where you should tick the Microsoft One Drive […]

In order to create WordPress backups via Google Drive, you should first open the Google Drive tab and press the Authenticate button. Then enter your account information or select an existing account (providing you have created one on google.com) After registering and logging in you will be redirected to the main menu of the WordPress […]

In order to create a WordPress FTP backup, open the Options tab and tick the needed backup options. If you choose Full backup, the entire website will be copied (including folders and database) with WordPress backup plugin Also, you can specify separate elements for backup. For example, you can back up the website’s database or […]

Thanks to Google Maps Engine Pro, companies can target regions, in which their products are not represented yet, and notify sales managers about it in time. If you have Google Maps Engine Pro close at hand, you can create maps and import electronic tables onto them. This allows you to assess situations properly and make […]

Google Maps features a function, which allows you to organize your online business by way of selecting roles for your partners. In other words, you can make your map accessible to a group of people, who can act as administrators, authors, editors, contributors, etc., and be allowed to add, edit and delete markers and layers. […]

Add with shortcode Map Stylizations Use as a widget Icons animation Custom Map Icons Markers Clasterizations Add Video, Links and HTML to the Marker Set your own map marker icon Show Marker Description when mouse ON Export and Import Maps and Markers Audit log for changes Google Maps Engine Pro (KML) files format support Google […]

Google Maps is a universal and highly functional plugin, which can enhance your business and help you integrate it into the global market. You can do it more easily with the help of a function featured in the plugin, which enables users to open maps in popup windows instead of opening them on the page. […]

The Google Maps plugin allows you to integrate a map into your website as a widget. Widgets are objects, which are placed at the side of a page. WordPress has a sideway fields, in which you can place a map widget – a diminished version of the map in the bottom-right corner of the interface. […]

Google Maps integrates with AdSense – a service, which allows you to post targeted ads on your resource and earn money. Many Google Maps plugin users have recognized as the craziest thing about the plugin, because it can be used as a source of income. You can exercise all your creative potential as you match […]

The Google Maps plugin features an option, using which you can audit log for changes, which have been made on markers and layers. In other words, you can audit the history of what transformations your map has undergone recently. With the help of this option, you can trace problems, if any, back to a particular […]

Google Maps enables you to export/import maps and markers to a CSV file and edit them. This is one of the most outstanding things about the plugin, since this feature offers a broad range of marker styles, which you can apply according to your selected map type. Now that Google maps are increasingly popular among […]

With this tool at hand, you can apply animation on your markers. For example, you can apply DROP animation and get your marker to bounce. Animation is toggled through clicking on the marker. Thus you can mark out one or a group of objects on your map. This is one of the options featured in […]

The Google Maps plugin offers quite a range of elements, by aid of which you can make your business attractive. For example, you can select between various types of default and custom markers. It is possible to set one or several markers and organize them into a cluster to mark a network of objects. Each […]

The Google Maps plugin provides a vast selection of markers for a business person to draw his/her business network on a Google map and make it more available for potential customers. To mark objects, you can choose from previously loaded icons or upload custom map markers and tell the world about your business to give […]

One of the most attractive things about the Google Maps plugin is a feature, which can help you share all sorts of information about marked objects without having to spin lengthy yarns about them. In other words, you can add elements to your markers – links, video, audio, java- and HTML elements, etc., and get […]

Google Maps plugin features an option, which allows you to group objects situated not far away from each other into clusters. This option will come in handy when you have to set lots of markers. Thus you can help your potential customers locate your business headquarters and affiliates in less than no time. Zooming in […]

Google Maps plugin features Custom Map Icons – an option, which provides you an opportunity to choose between different groups of icons and set them as markers. Apart from default icons featured in Google Maps, there is an extensive array of new icons, so you can pick any type according to the map design you […]

With the Google Maps plugin at hand, you can use a variety of map-viewing options and feel as comfortable as never before. For more detailed viewing, press the Open Full Screen Button and enjoy a full-screen view of your needed area. This mode allows you to discern objects and calculate routes much more effectively. You […]

The Google Maps plugin offers a broad choice of themes for your maps, so you can style them in scores of fashions. You can apply themes featuring different background colors to represent land- and water areas. Themes are organized in colors in such a way as to enable you to exercise your creative potential as […]

Not infrequently, website owners who build their sites on WordPress choose to incorporate maps for their clients to navigate and locate their needed objects. Google Maps WordPress plugin provides access to maps via various online resources. The plugin adds a shortcode support to your theme. As soon as the page, on which the shortcode is […]

The world is becoming mobile every second. Hundreds of smart phones and tablets are in the market. Android, iOS, Blackberry and etc. This all about perspective clients and money. So come on! Start your applet today and we’ll help you.

Design is everywhere. The first impression is – “DESIGN” Let your business give the five stars impression with stunning professional design created by our team.

We’re the ecommerce guru. And you know it. We develop the most popular WordPress ecommerce plugin and a lot of custom online stores. Now it’s your chance to rise your sale, build new or redesign the old one online shop.

You need a website, don’t you? We can offer a full service including technical specifications for your website. We understand that probably you don’t know anything about buiding a website, all your worries are about the sales which go down by leaps and bounds and your clients keep forgetting about you, because you’re out of […]

Customize background and color with one click. You can choose any background for your online WordPress store, as well as font for text and headings. So you customize Ecommerce WordPress Theme for your needs.

Yes, we have Themes which are free of charge. If your funds are limited, you can try to create a WordPress store using free E-commerce Themes like “Ready to Be” or “Albeco“. Dress up, your online WordPress shop with a professional theme for free.

Get custom WordPress store design without any programming skills. Format website page, post or products inserting Tables, Tabs, Social Links, Alert Box, Buttons and much more with shortcodes.

Try to use our Dummy Data to create test products, brands, categories to get fully functional Ecommerce WP Theme that can be customized for your needs. It is, therefore, much quicker and convenient if you use this option to test online shop functions like shopping cart, checkout.

It’s the powerful and easy tool to work with the Ready! WordPress Themes. You can add or remove any item from any page you want (whether from home page, catalogue or a shopping cart) like options, prices, social buttons and much more.

Awesome effects, fancy templates, stunning visual effects. Fully responsive design. All Ecommerce Themes have a built-in slider which can help you to create promotional offers, easily customize the header and the main page of your online shop.

We have pricing table WordPress Plugin to create professional Pricing Tables and Coming Soon Page plugin to turn your website in Maintenance / Under Construction Mode or Coming Soon Page.

Despite the fact that WordPress E-commerce Themes are specially designed for Ready! shopping cart plugin, you can use the plugin and integrate it into any WP theme. We make no obstacles to create WordPress online store, providing E-commerce platform with a lot of extensions, on the basis of which you can grow your business and […]

Ready! Shopping Cart plugin provides a lot of options that are hard to describe, but we tried to do it on documentation website. If you can not find the answer there, feel free to ask a question through contact form. Our support will answer you in 24 hours. For an instant support and customization how […]

To improve and rise up your online store use other extensions like: Sales, Discounts and Coupons extension, CSV products import-export extension, Watermark and more

If you need shipping for your online ecommerce, we have one: UPS, FedEx, USPS, Canadian Post, Australian Post. Flat rate and table rate include in the free version of plugin.

We develop the most usage payment gateway extensions. Authorize.net SIM and AIM , PayPal PRO and Advanced, Google Wallet, Stripe and much more. If you haven’t found an appropriate payment gateway for your WordPress online store, we’ll develop it special for you.

We have tons of ecommerce extensions. To save your money you can choose through the different commercial packs: Professional for 49$ Get PRO version of plugin for one domain + 2 extensions for free Corporate for 99$ Get PRO version of plugin up to ten domains + six extensions for free Developer for 199$ Get […]

Every online store sells something And we did everything for you to focus on sales and not on how to add a product. You can create either short or full description of goods; add media; create more options for products. You can display goods on standard pages created via our shopping cart plugin, use shortcodes […]

More and more users begin to use the shopping through mobile devices. Therefore our WordPress Themes are beautifully displayed on any devices tablets and smartphones.

Install Ready! WordPress E-commerce Themes and your visitors will be excited. The first impression of your online store, aiming to attract the visitor, is of a high importance. Therefore even if you have excellent goods and provide excellent service, but, unfortunately, the buyer finds it out only after using your service or learning more about […]

Simple and intelligible mechanism for tax and currency control will allow you to create a multinational or local online WP store. Basic version of a store has a built-in free “PayPal payment gates”, “Pay on delivery” and “Money Order / Check” payment options. With WordPress you can set shopping cart / checkout stages. Download free […]

Once you have installed the Ready! E-commerce WordPress plugin, you can immediately start working. It is easy to create and display products. Upon that, you can sell both real and digital goods. Don’t forget to apply SSL certificate to build customer trust while ensuring your online store has complete eCommerce Security You can use both […]

Privacy Policy This policy covers how we use your personal information. We take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information. Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone. Refund Policy If you are not 100% […]

General General options set some main options for your online store. After all menu item, you can see such icon, if you set your mouse cursor over the icon. Currencies Code – Currency code. Example: USD Label – Currency name. Example: US Dollars Value – Exchange rate for currency, if it is not default. For […]

Здесь мы попытались коротко описать и представить видео туториалы, о том как и что управляется в нашем плагине Ready! Ecommerce plugin First Start How to install and setup e-commerce plugin. Main options description. Main options info Add products / Category Adding products to the online store. You can customize and create different products options. Adding […]