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Google Maps multiply locations

Ready! Google Maps WordPress plugin is an ideal tool for a business owner to map his/her business and share important information with the world at large. Once you install and launch it on your website, you can mark an unlimited number of locations on your map. This is a must-have thing for business persons who own a network of affiliates in different parts of the world. For instance, if you own network of supermarkets, enterprises, restaurants, estate agencies, etc., scattered around the globe, you can create a google map and pin every object so that your potential customers can pinpoint locations they need. If you are in tourist business, this is hardly a better tool, which you can use to mark the most interesting sightseeing spots!

Google Maps Ready! is also helpful in organizing business meetings and conferences. This is the best way to notify your partners about oncoming events, as you can supply markers with clear and concise information about the multiply locations. If you have to change a location for some reason, you can switch to another location in seconds keeping your potential clients and partners informed.

Numerous customization tools allow you to shape your maps in your most preferred fashion and shortcode it to your page/website. It can also work as a widget. Install Google Maps Ready! and set your maps to open in popup mode.

The numerous options and features can be switched on/off anytime. The plugin offers a variety of editing options, thanks to which you can add images, logos, icons, animation and comments to multiply markers.

How Google Maps multiply locations works

Thanks to the user-friendly interface, users have zero difficulty operating this plugin.

Launch the plugin and view the interface and press the Add New Map button in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

Type in map name in the respective field, select map width/height, markers list type, custom controls view and ma stylization.

Specify your referred map zoom level, map type, map language and map align parameters. Select border color.

Check the Markers Infowindow Size options, select Marker list type, then click Save.

Press the Add New Marker button and type in marker name. Add media elements (logos, animation, etc.) and a comment to the description field using editing options, if necessary. Select a marker icon or add your own icon. Choose marker address to specify point location and press Save. The marker will appear on your map in the location you have set. Very simle!

Google Maps Ready! Is available in many languages. If there is no version available in your language, you English will be set as a default language. However, you can update and translate the plugin and get a Premium License for Free.