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Google Maps plugin

Easy to use and powerful Ready! Google Maps WordPress plugin.
Customize google map and add to the post/page with shortcode or use as a widget. Allow to open maps in pop-up.

Add markers with text, images, links description and custom icons. Categories and sort markers and location points.

Easy to use, even if you just learned how to start a blog and don’t have any technical knowledge of WordPress.

Custom Navigation

Custom Google Maps Navigations
Improve Google Maps functionality with custom navigation toolbars

Markers Clusterization

Map Markers Clusterization
Map Markers clusterization for better navigation

Full Screen

Open your Google Map in Full Screen
Open your Google Map in Full Screen

Different Map Views

Google Maps WordPress plugin custom map view
Set custom map view with markers gallery, list or category

AdSense Integration

AdSense integration with Google Maps WordPress plugin
Add AdSense to your Google Map and earn more money from your WordPress website


Google Maps plugin Logs
Check all actions, Undo and Redo with Logs option

Map Stylizations

Google Maps Stylizations
Give your map unique design accoriding to your website style

Google Maps Engine PRO (KML) support

Google Maps Engine PRO (KML) files format support
Google Maps Engine PRO (KML) files format support

Custom Marker Icons

Custom Map Marker Icons
Set custom Map Marker and Location Icons

Video Tutorial


All available languages are provided with the Ready! Google Maps WordPress Plugin. If your language isnРІР‚в„ўt available, your plugin will be in English by default.
Available Translations: English, Turkish, Dutch(Netherlands), Swedish, Polish, Denmark, Hungarian, French, Arabic, German, Russian

Translate or update a translation Google Maps WordPress plugin in your language and get a Premium license for FREE. Contact us.

FAQ and Documentation

Add Google Map with Shortcode

Example of the shortcode: [ready_google_map id='1' height='222' map_display_mode='map' type='HYBRID' map_language='fa' enable_zoom='0' enable_mouse_zoom='0' align='right' map_center='30.245;40.567']

  • id – Google Map id
  • height – height of map in pixels
  • width – width of map in pixels
  • map_display_mode – display map on the page or in pop-up window. Values: map / popup
  • type – map type. Values : Map / ReliefР’В  / Hybrid / Satellite
  • enable_zoom – show/hide zoom controls. Values: 0 / 1 (0=hide, 1=show)
  • enable_mouse_zoom – enable/disable mouse zoom. Values: 0 / 1 (0=hide, 1=show)
  • align – map align. Values : top / left / right / bottom
  • map_language – language of map. Values:Р’В  ‘ar'(ARABIC)Р’В  / ‘bg'(BULGARIAN) / ‘cs'(CZECH) /| ‘da'(DANISH), ‘de'(GERMAN) / ‘el'(GREEK) / ‘en'(ENGLISH) / ‘en-AU'(ENGLISH (AUSTRALIAN)) /Р’В  ‘en-GB'(ENGLISH (GREAT BRITAIN)) / ‘es'(SPANISH) / ‘fa'(FARSI) / ‘fil'(FILIPINO) / ‘fr'(FRENCH) / ‘hi'(HINDI) / ‘hu'(HUNGARIAN) / ‘id'(INDONESIAN) / ‘it'(ITALIAN) / ‘ja'(JAPANESE) / ‘kn'(KANNADA) / ‘ko'(KOREAN) / ‘lv'(LATVIAN) / ‘nl'(DUTCH) / ‘no'(NORWEGIAN) / ‘pt'(PORTUGUESE) / ‘pt-BR'(PORTUGUESE (BRAZIL)) / ‘pt-PT'(PORTUGUESE (PORTUGAL)) / ‘rm'(ROMANSCH) / ‘ru'(RUSSIAN) / ‘sv'(SWEDISH) / ‘zh-CN'(CHINESE (SIMPLIFIED)) / ‘zh-TW'(CHINESE (TRADITIONAL)’
  • map_center – map center coordinates, “;” – is separator between lon and lat

Open Map in the pop-up window

Open map in the pop-up window using shortcode parameters:

  • height – height of map in pixels
  • width – width of map in pixels
  • map_display_mode – display map on the page or in pop-up window. Values: map / popup

Map width in percents not in pixels

To set google map width in percents add mark % to the value, for example 100%

Map Stylization

Examples of the different Google Map stylization

Download Free version

Comparision of the Free and Commercial versions

Free Premium
Markers sorting and grouping
Search nearest location on the map
Seacrh by address
Current user location
Users markers from frontend
Create as many maps as you want
Custom markers. Set marker description, icon and animation
Works with any Responsive themes
Add location by searching or coordinates
Fully customizable. All features of the map or marker can be

Contact Us


    Being an intelligent creature of the earth, the human develops many rather technologies to make the life easier and comfortable. In present days the internet is a greatest creation of human. It truly helps us in tons of rather situations and makes many things easy. But it is not all. People are steel developing things that are improving and making comfortable to use the internet. One of such useful creation is the Google map WordPress plugin! The Google map is pretty useful and easy to use by it self, but the wiseacres, wants to make it more comfortable and much easier in use. This plugin, brings a lot of help to those who works with maps or needs to visit many places every day. It is helpful almost for all of us. What you do when you need to get to some place that you never been before and don't know where it is located? Are you still using the map?

    Well, try the Google map. After using it once you probably will be using it for all the time. Because it has so many great features that the usual map will never have. Google map plugin, allows to set the markers on appropriate points of the map, on marker you may write some short massages, and even set the picture.

    This plugin is irreplaceable for sales agents. People on such post visit many places everyday which are located on different places of the city. Here how the Google map can help. Before leaving the office, agents find on Google map all the addresses, which need to be visited during the day, and set the markers right on them. Agent sets the marker on the map and writes the name of required organization on that marker. This feature will show the best route to all scheduled places. Once you look on marked Google map, you will see which object is nearest to you and which way is the best to get to next object. It will make to schedule correct rout and save a lot of time. After visiting marked on Google map organization, check the marker as visited, and it will let you to not be concerned which objects you already have visited and which are still expecting you.

    Another profession, that Google map WP plugin is perfect to use for, is the realtor. Just imagine, you have many houses on sale and lots of clients desiring to make their best buy. It is just impossible to be at rather places at the same time. Besides explaining to clients where the building is located takes some time. Google map plugin presents a great solution for such situations. All you got to do is to set the mark on the Google map on houses that needs to be sold, and complement it with pictures of current house or building. In such case clients will understand where they need to go and what they are going to see.

    Use the Google map plugin today and make things mach easier!