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Pricing Table Ready! Plugin

WordPress Pricing Table Ready! plugin is the easiest way to generate pricing and/or comparison tables. Stunning templates, easy-to-use pricing table builder and professional features will attract your clients and make them want to hit the Buy button right away.

Pricing Table Templates

clean pricing table
business pricing table
clearlight web pricing tables
Cake pricing template
Pricing sliding blocks
Retro pricing table plugin
CSS3 wordpress pricing table
csscolumns pricing tables
Contrast free pricing template
glance pricing tables
grayw responsive price tables
Responsive pricing template
CSS3 pricing template festival
CSS less responsive pricing tables pack
light pricing tables plugin
WordPress pricing template marble
Pricing table wordpress plugin
Basica WordPress table
simple pricing template
sticker pricing table
tiny pricing table
whp pricing table


Plugin Translations

All available languages are provided with the Ready! Pricing Table WordPress Plugin plugin. If your language isnРІР‚в„ўt available, your plugin will be in English by default.
Available Translations: English, Polish, Danish, Burmese, French, Romanian, Spanish, Russian
Translate or update a translation Ready! Pricing Table WordPress plugin in your language and get a Premium license for FREE. Contact us.


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FAQ and Documentation

How to add pricing table to a page with shortcode

To insert pricing table with shortcode go to the WordPress admin area -> Ready! Pricing Table -> All pricing tables, then copy and paste “Embed Code” like [ready-pricing-tables id=184]
How to insert pricing table with shortcode

May I insert https or email address in the URL field

You can use HTTP, HTTPS or e-mail in the URL field

Pricing Table plugin don't work

Contact us and attach screenshots and text of the error.

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Comparision of the Free and Commercial versions

Free Premium
Four Free Templates
Pricing Table Builder
Live Preview
Unlimited colors and rows
4 free templates
22 PRO templates
Icons and tooltips
Responsive. Works on any device with any themes
Extra support. Be first on the line!

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    Plugin Description

    Compare products and offerings with style Customers like choices. They like comparing different products, their prices and features. So if you are running a web-store, providing your customers with convenient and nice-looking price comparisons of your products and offerings is a great idea. And no matter what you sell – data connection plans or gummy bear toys – your customers will love comparing them.

    And that is just what our WordPress Pricing Table plug in does – makes your customers happier by providing them with ability to easily compare your products. And with this plug-in creating a product comparison is easy as pie. No, even easier than any pie. And when it comes to WordPress online stores it is the easiest possible way to generate product comparison tables.

    Outstanding styles WP Pricing Table Plugin goes beyond just mere displaying a comparison data for various products. The information about your products is displayed in nice-looking, stylish tables. Moreover, store owners can choose out of a range of styles for their comparison tables.

    You can check you the great comparison table styles here. Store owners can pick up the style for pricing table which matches best the overall style of their site.

    Any language This plug-in is a translation-ready. It means that if your web store is available in languages other than English you will be still able to use it in your native language with a bare minimum effort on your side.

    Great tech support With this pricing table plug in for your WordPress based online store you get more than just a nice add-on extending functionality of your site. Our tech support team will help you with installing and using the pricing table plug-in.

    And yes, Ready! Team cares about our customers, so we will be more than glad to help you set up your product comparison table just as you need it and as your customers love it to have.