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Different Google Maps WordPress plugin stylization


Here are rather themes for Google map plugin. You can choose the one that you like most of all and design your own map the way you want to see it. At first, creating individual style will provide to your map, an attractive overlook. And second, this option allows you to distinguish the place on the map, that you want to mark and show to users, with your own style. Make the marking point colored in some special color or distinguish it with some distinctive mark and the visitors will easily find your place.


Icy – Blue theme’s main color is gentle light blue. The outlines on the map with this theme are slightly blurred. But its’ overlook is pretty attractive. It makes to feel the freshness of the frost. On the map with such style will be pretty good to use the marks and signs in almost any color. Any color except light blue, will be sharply observed on such background and the written signs are going to be easy to understand.


Snazzy – Maps theme contains two general background colors, it is black and green. With black color on the map is represented a water areas, and the green is accordingly observes the land area. The edge lines on the map are pretty sharp because of it’s’ color scheme. This scheme also will keep the eyes from rippling. Composing the route to your place on such map will not be hard, just use the fantasy and distinguish your point on the map the way you imagine it.


This theme called – Subtle. If you choose this theme for creating your map, you will have a great opportunity to express all your imaginations. As says the name of this theme, it is pretty light and perfect to be colored in any color that itsРІР‚в„ў designer likes. It is going to be pretty easy to create your own style of the map. So make it look as you want to see it and give it your personal style.


Gentle and pleasing to the eye colors of this theme are light blue and olive colors. If you have a good taste and some skills in styling or designing you will be pleased in working with this theme and creating your personal shape and unique overlook of map. It is also not going to be hard to match the colors of the markers that need to be set on the map. Distinguishing the area of the place that you want to show on the map will be also very easy because the background colors are easy to match with most existing colors.


Theme Natural Blue, has a dark and pretty strict style, it will be great to be used for some solid organizations. It has clear edge lines and presentable overlook. To show your location on the map with current theme, we suggest using bright colored markers and signs. The bright colors will not merge with background and allow clearly seeing and figuring out the appropriate route. And the dark fond will keep your map in strict and presentable style.


Shift-Worker theme is created for use of any stylization. The design of this theme has a great property that presents a warm feeling and a good mood to itРІР‚в„ўsРІР‚в„ў users. The water areas are colored in light blue color that reminds a clear and serene sky, which fills us up with inspiration. And cool, light gray color of the land on the map, presents a feeling of pure freshness. Using this theme, will surly lead to success.


For the first look, the Subtle-Grayscale theme reminds a military style. It is designed in gray and white colors with clearly distinguished black letters. If you already have created the map, but, you donРІР‚в„ўt like its style anymore, try to change the theme you have to Subtle-Grayscale theme. Reminding a military style, does not mean that the map will must have a serious design. You can successfully combine a new shape.


What is a most important point at creating the map? Well, first of all, it is very comfortable if the map is not a complicated with tons of signs and markers that are coalesce with mapРІР‚в„ўs edge lines and confuses on finding the correct route to the seeking place. The original option of Pale-Dawn theme allows escaping such troubles and designing a pleasurable to use map. It has light and soft font colors, and it makes the colors that you use to not merge and confuse the user.


A Blue-Water theme is the one of the most used themes, on this theme the water areas are colored in juicy blue color and the land areas in snow white color. The white is a perfect color to draw anything, so if you are going to draw a route or color your location place on the map with this theme, your map is going to be perfect. On a white background any color will be sharply observed, unless you use the white color. Create your map with quickly find your place and also will be thankful to you.


This is another strict and fancy looking theme. Mdnight-Commander theme contains two dark colors; it is black and dark blue. The black color assumes all water areas on the earth and with dark blue are observed the land areas. Designing the map on this theme requires some skills in design and stylization. Appropriately created map with the most suitable colors with current theme, will have an individual and unique organization.


Retro theme presents the most usual overlook and style of the map. It is going to be good for using to show some large areas. It includes about five different colors. Theme does not observe something special, but everything depends on you. If you will take this theme and turn all your fantasies on, then the map that you create may have the best design and unrepeatable style. The advantage of this theme is that its colors are distinguishing the relief of the land areas.