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Venus Stylish eCommerce WordPress Theme installation

Venus Stylish eCommerce WordPress Theme presents a powerful mix of simplicity and effectiveness and ensures reliable and long-lasting interaction between online shop owners and customers. This theme incorporates a bundle of exciting solutions that provide ample ground for creative thinking. Venus Stylish eCommerce Theme enables you to build your online business in what you believe is the best way to make your potential customers want to buy products at your WP store!

Venus Stylish eCommerce Theme is fully integrated with Ready! WordPress Shopping Cart plugin and features shortcodes, widgets, a product gallery, a slider, etc.

To install Venus Stylish eCommerce Theme, do the following:

Open the administrator panel and move to the Appearcnce section. Press Add New, then press Upload ->Select file. In the popup window select the zip file with the theme and press OK to launch installation. Activate the theme right after installation.

Also, you can use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to install Venus Stylish eCommerce Theme. To do that, follow the ../wp-content/themes/ and move the folder with the theme into the Themes folder. Do not move the zip file! To activate Venus Stylish eCommerce Theme, open the administrator panel, select Appearance->Themes and press Activate near the theme.