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Shipping per Item

Shipping per Item allow you set unique shipping rate per each item on your WordPress shop.

Shipping per Item solution is a helpful and easy-to-use tool both for merchants and customers. It allows to define unique shipping costs per each product presented in your online shop depending on its individual characteristics and destination of delivery.

This solution is useful for customers as they can immediately see the final cost of the order with the cost of delivery to their locations and thus there is no need for them to calculate the costs themselves or to contact customer service for explanations. This saves customerРІР‚в„ўs time and effort and gives a more favorable impression about the store service. The user feels assured that the merchant conducts transparent policy regarding the costs of goods and that the cost of shipping is fixed and will not change later. It is easier for the consumer to make a purchase decision and after obtaining positive experience he is more likely to come back to the store for further shopping plugin.

Shipping per Item solution reduces the load on the client support service, as fewer requests will be made concerning shipping costs calculation. This tool is especially useful and convenient for the stores, the assortment of which includes diversity of products of different types, including heavy and oversized goods. In this case it will be rather difficult to quickly figure out the costs of several different items united in one order and thatРІР‚в„ўs why it is clever to set shipping rate for each item beforehand.

Functional Shipping per Item solution can be used as a standalone method or you can add it to other tools defining shipping costs. It is easily integrated and allows to significantly facilitate customer assistance while increasing its level and thus making the online store more competitive.