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Registered Only

After you install and activate this addon – only registered (logged-in) users will see prices, “Buy now” and “Add to cart” buttons. For not logged in users there will be link to registration page.

This add-on allows you to hide the prices at the online store as well as Р’В«Buy nowР’В» and Р’В«Add to cartР’В» button from unregistered users by redirecting them to the registration form. After installation and activation of this add-on only logged-in users will be able to see the prices and to make purchases, while the link to registration page will be provided to non-registered visitors. Presented add-on is a powerful tool for stimulating visitors to register on the site and at the same time for eliminating visitors, who are not really interested in purchasing and therefore are not the target audience of your website.

Registration of users is an important aspect of any web resource activity, including e-Commerce enterprises and online-shops in particular. It allows you to gather some useful information about users that is necessary for objective business analytics and development of a more effective marketing strategy. The main and most important point and the principle of internet marketing is to know what are the needs of your target audience and the information obtained from the site visitor during the registration process may be a clue to this valuable knowledge. Besides, visitors who took some time and effort to fill in a registration form is more likely to make a purchase and to come back to your website again for further purchasers than those who came just for browsing.

The possibility of obtaining access to information hidden from other users may greatly interest the visitors and encourage them to register on the site, and this, in turn, can become incitement to make a purchase. At the same time, the web site will be protected from both unregistered and logged-in users as registration is indispensable way to restrict access to certain sections for different groups of users as well as to ban the access to the web resource.