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Special Products, Gifts, Coupons Pack

Special Products, Gifts, Coupons Pack for Ready! E-commerce WordPress Plugin. Allow you to manage Sales and Discounts. Create Coupons, Gifts and more.

With the help of this pack, you will be able to manage product cost in your online shop.

Besides, you can create gifts from any category of products for your customers once their order is a certain cost or higher.

Moreover, you’re welcome to create coupons of different types with expiration date and arrange sales proposals.

Video tutorial. How to setup sales and discounts on the online WordPress store created with Ready! eCommerce plugin and this extension

Special Product – configure prices of your store on this page.

You can increase or reduce prices in a percentage form or in an absolute form.
There are three different options how you can update prices in your online WordPress store:

update prices of all the products in your store with one click

update prices of a certain category only

update prices of certain products

Gifts – you can create gifts for your customers. As a gift you may offer either some goods or product discount, delivery discount.

Here are our suggestions when you can apply the Gifts:
– the cost of the order exРЎРѓeeds a certain value
– number of the goods in the basket exceeds a certain value
– customer ordered products from a certain category of goods
– number of purchasers exceeds a certain value
and many others

Coupons – offering coupons is another marketing idea which keeps customers coming back to your store.

In this section you will learn about different kinds of coupons you can create. After creation you can export coupon codes in to .txt file.

Possible options/customization:
– Type of the coupon. The length of the coupon in symbols. You may choose to use letters or numbers for the code
– Expiration date of the coupon
– Number of coupons you wish to generate
– The choice of the gift which will be applied when coupon is activated. Note that gifts are created in the Gifts section. You can apply a few gifts for one and the same coupon
– Non limited number of templates for coupons. You can create different types of coupons.ou can mix and vary the above listed conditions among each other. You can set the dates when the gifts would be non active(expired) any more. As a result, you’re getting a universal sales promotion tool, with the help of which you can easily create gift offers for your WordPress online store.