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CyberSource Payment Gateway

CyberSource enables fast, reliable and secure credit and debit card processing in multiple currencies. The service supports universal and regional card types and brands across all the major acquiring banks.

CyberSource is a large payment management company providing credit and debit card processing in a variety of currencies. It was founded in 1994 in USA at the dawn of e-Commerce development and became one of the first companies in the world specialized on serving large customers such as big online stores, airlines, social networking services, etc. Innovative approach to payments processing and fraud prevention brought the company to the leading positions on the market.
In 2007 CyberSource bought Authorize.net, a provider of similar services, but for smaller customers. Having combined products and accumulated knowledge of CyberSource and Authorize.net the company became the largest in the industry, and nowadays almost every fourth transaction with a bank card in the U.S. are conducted through CyberSource. The total number of the company customers exceeds 370,000.

In 2010 CyberSource was bought by VISA payment system marking a new level of the company development, as VISA experience and means allowed to significantly simplify the process of payment, improve the reliability of service and extend the set of products.

Based in Foster City, CA, CyberSource is an international company with offices around the world: UK, Brazil, Mexico, China, Singapore, Russia, Japan and Australia. It is fully compliant with PCI DSS and has partnership relations only with certified suppliers. CyberSource is trusted by leading world brands, airlines, travel agencies and the largest Internet shops which use the company effective solutions for electronic payment processing specially designed for e-commerce, call centers and points of sale. CyberSource offers a wide range of solutions for organizations seeking to improve their business efficiency using modern sales channels.


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