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Google Wallet Payment Gateway

Get more online e-commerce options out of your wallet on your online WordPress shop. Pay fast. Save smarter. Use the same wallet whether buying in-store or online.

Google Wallet (or Google Checkout) is a service similar to PayPal that allows buying products online via Google account. Online shoppers often use Google for searching of products, which they want to buy and Google Wallet will help to do it.

Integration of Google Wallet is done online and is easy to configure. Benefits of Google Wallet: easy in setup, ready to receive payment at once; guarantees safe money transactions on Google Servers;
enables Google’s users to buy goods at your store; secures your personal data due to strict privacy policy; user-friendly. There is no need to re-enter you account information every time you want to buy something online. Your data is kept in system. Google Wallet charges fee for money transaction, but it is not higher then the other major merchants have. Google Checkout has NO: sign-up fee monthly fee gateway fee

Make sure that you use US Dollars or Pounds because Google Wallet Payment Gateway supports only these two currencies. Otherwise buyers will receive an error when proceeding to Google Wallet from WordPress Shopping Cart


In the settings of the payment system you will see this settings