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SoEasyPay Payment Extension

Apply SoEasyPay global independent payment processing provider to your online WordPress shop. In that way things differently… and better.
SoEasyPay is revolutionizing the payment processing industry by doing things differently, better and focusing on your best interests – ultimately helping your business succeed online, improving your bottom line and by taking the pain out of online payment.

SoEasyPay is a fast-growing payment system which might be of great interest to online stores – both those which just start working and those well-known. This extension enables owners of WordPress-based web-store to use SoEasyPay innovative approaches to online payment processing in order to accelerate their web-based businesses.

The extension is simple to set up even though it provides access to a whole range of SoEasyPay features. SoEasyPay payment extension requires only Ready! WordPress E-commerce Plugin in order to work.


In the settings of the payment system you will see this settings




On buying the product in checkout, you will see