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PayPal Express Plugin

WordPress PayPal Express plugin for Ready! Ecommerce solution allow to use paypal button or paypal donate button on the website.

If you selling you products online accepting payments via credit cards, you may add “PayPal” button to your online WP store for those customers who prefer shopping with WordPress PayPal.

PayPal benefits for your WordPress store: increase of sales volume due to customers who have PayPal (more than 100 million people worldwide);
shoppers prefer convenience and security of PayPal button; low transaction fee and absence of monthly fee; quick access to your money at the PayPal account within a few minutes from the transaction; applicable to mobile websites and apps; creates tight customer relationship as they return to your site to confirm payment; it is adoptable for businesses of all sizes; it offers chargeback protection on qualifying transactions; it offers different products to suit your businessРІР‚в„ўs needs and size.

Integration of PayPal Express Plugin to your online store allows you to put an ‘Add to Cart’ button anywhere on page. You can also easily locate the shopping cart anywhere on a page or sidebar of you store.

WordPress PayPal Express works as follows: when the customer has chosen goods he/she needs, he/she enters the shopping cart page. Than the plug-in takes him/her to PayPal where he/she fills in address and credit card information. These actions automatically sign the buyer up for a PayPal account, and then he/she is taken back to the store where the customer can choose the shipping option. Having confirmed the order, PayPal service adjusts and shows the total amount of the purchase. ThatРІР‚в„ўs all! The above mentioned means that PayPal payment solution, integrated to your on-line shop, preserve most of the interaction on your website except for userРІР‚в„ўs login and confirming of the goods.

PayPal button has the following features: it is fast and easy to operate, no need to enter the postage and billing information while making a purchase – PayPal already has the information stored; you have NO need to record or store buyerРІР‚в„ўs credit card information all payments are kept in payments history payment details can be visible including all information gathered from PayPal secure due to fraud-prevention measures

PayPal WordPress button also makes it possible to create recurring payments which can reduce the need to buy the same service or product every single time.


In the settings of the payment system you will see this settings