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International Checkout Gateway

Shopping from
the USA
Just got EASY

Use the Search Tool or the Store Directory and follow the
link to any of these U.S.
websites to do your shopping. Once your items are in the store’s shopping cart, just select
the “International Checkout” button to complete your purchase.

International Checkout is a global integrated solution both for US merchants and customers from all around the world allowing them to sell and buy almost any kind of products avoiding fraud risks as well as problems with acceptance of foreign credit cards or with international shipping.

For US online stores International Checkout offers a great opportunity to expand the market and to sell worldwide through the existing e-Commerce infrastructure ensuring payments in US dollars and fast delivery of items purchased by foreign customers to over 250 locations around the world. There are no fees for merchants and due to simple integration solution sales can be started in just one day. International Checkout provides real-time price quotes in customersРІР‚в„ў local currency, duties and taxes at a guaranteed rate, AJAX-driven single page checkout for maximum conversion rate and automated returns management.

International Checkout allows buyers from all around the world to purchase clothes, shoes, housewares, electronics and much more products from US brands and retailers paying for purchased goods in over 30 local currencies and choosing comfortable methods of payment. Multi-Lingual customer service provides comprehensive support and ensures pleasant experience. Delivery is made via DHL or FedEx and shipping and handling fees include the cost of order insurance against lost and damage.

International Checkout global solution facilitates international buying/selling process allowing US merchants to go on with domestic business while painlessly expanding its possibilities with the help of International Checkout tools. For foreign customers itРІР‚в„ўs an easy way to make advantages purchase in multiple US online stores via simple, handy, fast and secure service.


In the settings of the payment system you will see this settings